With Boa Concept, you improve collaboration between your men and our smart modular conveyors.
You are connected in real time to your intelligent handling solution thanks to our WCS supervisor, that allows you modifying your installation without us. Together, we build a virtuous ecosystem, virtual but also real for your factory by developing global warehouse layouts adapted to constant changes of your clients.

Boa story
April 30

Creation of the company

June 30

Patent submission

February 24

Launching of the first Plug-and-Carry® modules

March 30

Intralogistics fair, Prize for the best logistics innovation in Automation category

May 30

Certification “Jeune Entreprise Innovante” (Young and innovative company)

July 30

Boa Concept won the national competition for business’ creation (French Research Minister, jury headed by the Areva’s R&D Manager)

August 30

Putting into service of the first Plug-and-Carry® system at

October 30

Europack Euromanut CFIA fair, Boa Concept won the Trophy of Innovation

January 30

Boa Concept and won the trophy “Rois de la Supply Chain” organized by Supply Chain Magazine

October 30

Boa Concept is nominated for the Cap’Tronic Trophy

November 30

Launching of the first Plug-and-Carry® Belt modules The smart modular belt conveyor won the price “Coup de Coeur” of the “Manutention” fair

December 30

Boa Concept sponsored which won the “Productivez!” Prize

March 30

Launching of the first Plug-and-Carry® Heavy Load modules

December 30

Boa Concept is nominated for the Sustainable Innovation Prize organized by “Strategie Logistique” magazine

January 30

Boa Concept extends in new industrial premises

June 30

Boa Concept inaugurates its new headquarters in Saint-Étienne

June 30

Boa Concept won the Innovation Prize organized by “La Tribune Le Progrès” as part of “Les Trophées de l’Entreprise de la Loire” (Loire Enterprize Trophy)